The Bone Charmer by: Breeana Shields

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Bone Charmer was a very unique book with a magic system based on bone readings that enable a person to see someone’s past, future, or present. I loved the writing style as it flowed very well and I was able to read through the story quickly. The writing was also very descriptive with details of the woodsy, cozy village and apothecaries that made you feel like you were right there alongside the characters. I loved the close relationship between Saskia, her mother, and grandmother and the bone charming affinity that was passed down from generation to generation. I also really enjoyed how the book focused on how the different choices we make, although some small, can lead to a vastly different path in life and can ultimately change our fates. The alternate reality perspective was also really neat because there were two engaging story lines occurring simultaneously. The story was action packed and had me both anticipating what would happen next and rooting the characters on. I felt the ending did not give me enough closure and I was left wanting more in conclusion of the story and Saskia’s journey. I am hoping for a sequel! My favorite part was her time at magic school in Ivory Hall as a bone charming apprentice, which was reminiscent of Harry Potter for me. Overall a great story that I would definitely recommend!

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